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Please help me

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    I am asking a question...hope that someone could help me.

    I plan to sit in IISc examination for Physics MSc-PhD course entrance to be held in 2008.
    They have a criteriaon that one has to score atleast 60% in university exam.IISc exam is held before our final year (3rd year) examination.

    Now,I am in Kolkata University where there is no semester system in undergrad level.We had to appear a final exam after a course of 2 years.(In India,Bachelor degree is a three years course).We have yet another final exam left.

    I do not know what should I call this.After doing fairly good in my college althrough,I did not do at all good in the final exam.I fell ill at the time of exam and made a mess of it.However,I hope to manage around 60% in the exam including my pass(subsidiary) course subjects...

    My question is will they allow me to get into there?I know I have still an examination left and that I have fair chance to do good in that.But,I heard from a senior(who tried but was not successful in the exam) that in such cases they allow to go upto the interview(which is taken after a written test),but they discard the students after that.

    I think I could make the problem clear.I do not know there exact rule...and the senior told me that even if the rule is that they should check the marks of 3 year course,in practice,they consider only the marks of part I.

    In that case what should I do?Should I prepare myself anyway for the exam or should I leave this...

    Some additional points that might help my condition...
    I achieved JBNSTS scholarship and also doing a project under the NIUS programme(TIFR).Please let me know should I give hope up to get through the examination?I am truly very much keen to make it...

    Please help...I am waiting for responses...
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    Disclaimer: Take my comments with a bag of salt.

    I have never attempted the IISc entrance exam, but I see no reason why you have to "leave" it. As long as you're interested in pursuing further studies in the field and score good marks on a good day, I don't see why would have a lesser chance of getting admitted than someone else. You can show your mettle in the tests and interview, if you're good. As you say, you still have your final exam to make amends, and you have time to prepare and do well in the entrance, as well. It's not like they're going to eat you if you don't fair well. :biggrin: At the least, you would have gained some experience writing an entrance test such as the IISc's.
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