Please Help Me!

Note : Please donot connect this post with my perfomance on PF ... :biggrin:

Ok people , I am giving you some info :

exams name-----students appeared------my rank(% of students behind me)

AIEEE --------400,000---------13,600 (96.6%)
BITSAT-------- 48,000----------- 3,500 (92.7%)
DCE-------------30,000------------ 4,800 (84%)

I just gave my competitive exams...and this is how i fared ....and the Results:

AIEEE ---- Qualified :smile:
BITSAT---- In waiting List :uhh:
DCE ------ Not Selected :yuck:

Now I feel like I am not a good student ....and I could have done better.... Because I couldnt get into some of the top institutes of my country (India)...
I am retrying next year for all of the exams.......Can you please adjudge what type of student I am ?..I am pretty confused...some say you have done soo well....some say you just messed it mom couldnot achieve your dreams....I am allllll confused... :confused:


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I don't know your "performance on PF",numbers don't show you among "la crème de la crème",i'd say you just need more self confidence and clear head (i hope you're not drinking :tongue2:) to realize where you are,to feel your level and your weaknesses and stop asking others to judge you.

Oscillating results are due to lack of self confidence and mind not focused enough.



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I agree with dextercioby (too long username).Everyone knows himself/herself better than the others.You're exactly the one you think.And if you love sth, for sure you can be successful in it.
you know that remindes of astory when people try to ask others about their abilities and the conclusion of story is that "everyone comment on things base on his /her abilities".if they are capable to do sth,they think you're capable as well.

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