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Homework Help: PLEASE HELP need assistance on mechanics problem

  1. Sep 18, 2011 #1
    Hi everyone...how I wish someone could share their knowledge and help me through this..im having a difficulty on finding the right FBD of this problem.. I tried solving it but still I couldn’t get the right answer… anyone please help?.

    Here is the question:

    The window washer A and B support themselves and the 15-kg uniform plank CD by pulling down on the two ropes.

    Determine (a) the tension in each rope; and (b) the vertical force that each man exerts on the plank.

    (The required at question “b” are the normal force of A and B.)
    Please?.. it would be very much appreciated..

    THANKS in advance…

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    Welcome to the board!! :)

    Show us your attempts first before asking for any help. :)
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    if you look in the rules, you'll see the proper format for posting homework problems.
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