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Please Help on Selecting Good Messenger Bag!

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    Dear PF friends,

    I am a college sophomore in US with double majors in mathematics and microbiology. I know this is so sudden question to ask, but I have a trouble selecting a good messenger bag for myself (Amazon has so many but I cannot get the clear idea). I am looking for one that can fit my 15inch Macbook Pro, iPad4, and 2~3 mathematics textbooks (Rudin PMA, Apostol Mathematical Analysis, etc.). I am actually tired of backpack....

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    That's a fair amount of weight for one shoulder.

    I think your best bet is still a backpack where the weight is more evenly distributed.

    I say this because I hurt my shoulder once by carrying too much weight on it.

    In any event, checkout a bike store or a sporting goods store. They usually have a selection of bike messenger bags by Timbuktu but be aware the bag will have some weight as well if its well made.
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    I second that. A heavy messenger back can cause some back problems.
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