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Please help-online textbooks

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    hi there..
    i really wanned to know if there is a possibility of finding online textbooks for refernce at the university level..I am looking for"mathematical methods for physicists by T Chow", and linear algebra by nicholson..Can i find them online so that i dont have to spend more money in buying them.
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    well, if you need just to look through, you may use these books from google print for free.
    To go to the page you need just enter the page number in the "Search" box after you find the book.

    This will allow you to read several pages you need. Then there are other things you have to learn to "hack" google print and to get the whole book from them. I guess, that's not very legal, but you may find everything in the internet. good luck:)
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    ne more solutions to this problem please??
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    You can download a free linear algebra textbook at
    Look on the little bar on the top of this screen and click on "links" to find more stuff like this.
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    thanks for the replies..However is someone knows abt the sources for the 2 books iv mentioned,,itll be more than appreciated!
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