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Please help! Question on particle theory of light

  1. Jan 31, 2011 #1
    In the classical wave theory of light, intensity was associated with the squares of the
    maximum amplitudes of the electric and magnetic fields. In the particle theory of light, what
    property is associated with the intensity of the light?

    I know that according to the particle theory, the kinetic energy of the electrons ejected from a metal does not depend on the intensity of light directed at the metal, but rather on of the frequency of the light. However, this doesn't really answer the question. Can someone please explain to me the role of intensity in the particle theory of light?
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    Light intensity can be measured as power per unit area. Power is how much energy is arriving per second due to the light. You know each photon carries some energy, so can you now think of how intensity and photons might be related.
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