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Please Help: Renewable energy Vs. material physics

  1. Sep 16, 2009 #1
    Hello everybody!
    I am majoring in Applied Physics. Now i am asked to choose my specialisation option between Renewable energy and Material physics. Actually, i think that i can feel comfortable to any option between those but my problem is that i have to choose one. So which is the best between Renewable energy and Material physics as far as employment, availability of scholarships in master programs and ease concerned.
    Please help!
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    Taken totally at face value as someone with no knowledge of the actual coursework involved, I would say material physics. "Renewable energy" sounds awfully vague and broad and I would question the relative rigor. As an HR drone or just a prejudiced manager, I might be more interested in hiring someone with a prima facie more technical material physics specialization for a job in renewable energy. I recommend putting together a resume and seeing how different things look/sound on it when you are making decisions like this.

    Having said that, it really depends on the actual coursework. Grad schools will look at your transcript. Any managers familiar with the department at your school will also have an idea about what the specialization actually means.
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