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Homework Help: Please Help Riemann

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    Please Help.... Riemann

    Please Help!!!
    To compute the Riemann integral of f:[0,1]->R given f(x)=x^k where k>1 is an integer
    1. Let m>2 and define q_m= m^(-1/m) Let P_m be the partition of [0,1] given by P_m=(0< q_m^m < q_m^(m-1)< ...< q_m <1)
    Explicitly evalute L(f,P_m) and U(f,P_m)
    2. Show that lim n->inf. L(f,P_m)= 1/(k+1),and lim n->inf. U(f,P_m)= 1/(k+1)
    3. Show that f is integrable on [0,1]
    4. Show that integra[0,1] f(x) dx= 1/(k+1)
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    Tom Mattson

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    We'll help, but you have to work with us. Show how you started and where you got stuck.
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