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Please Help Solve This Question

  1. Mar 18, 2003 #1
    [SOLVED] Please Help Solve This Question

    [Removed Broken Link]
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    Be more specific, do you mean?? off of the building??, the pavement??, the janitors head??, a car??, a bus??, a passing gorrilla?? what????
  4. Mar 19, 2003 #3
    well i guess there are several questions.

    #1 Will he even hit the ground? Or will he have the same fate as the pennies?

    #2 If he were to hit the ground, would he bounce off the pavement the way a penny would?
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    All of him? Some parts might bounce while others don't....
  6. Mar 19, 2003 #5
    hmmm ... and what parts might bounce? are you implying that he might actually fall apart?
  7. Mar 20, 2003 #6
    Likely he will NOT have the same fate as the pennies, but that is dependent upon the wind on the day that he jumps, (BTW I am against suicide, so I would counsel him NOT to do it, as any sane person would!) as if it is windy enough, he might just hit another building, if he doesn't make it to the ground.

    As for Bouncing off of the pavement, probably he does bounce, but so little that it would be very difficult to tell if you weren't there, filming it, with a high speed camera, as to catch all of the action, for a slow-mow replay that would show the bounce.

    Does this answer your question?
  8. Mar 20, 2003 #7
    Probability to bounce : 0.205391;
    Probability not to bounce : 1-0.205391;
  9. Mar 22, 2003 #8
    Actually, I have thought about this entire precept, the 'Jebus' thing sounds all to much like a Quebecer saying "Gee Boss" in English, with a French accent.

    It is quite possible that that enire site is an attempt at mockery of that pheneomenon of speech

    Comically, it is an expression used by some of the French Canadians, as Sarcasm, a little juxtapositioning of the interpersonal interchange, trying to make you feel good about yourself, important, in their eyes, but it is a little sarcastic fooly.

    How Ironic!
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