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Please help to my physics project

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    I am doing project in tracing elements(can be radioactive) in rocks .If the eliments are naturally radioactive i use multichannel analyser and get the gamma spectrum which are unique for eliments and find out the eliments.My question is how can i find the eliments from the gamma spectrum.There are datas to find out the eliments but i dont know how to use that.please help me to my project

    Thank you
    K.muraleetharan :zzz:
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    If you have used a multichannel analyzer, you know it can produce spectrum charts of the gamma energy it detects. By comparing those charts to the charts taken from known elements, you can determine which elements must be present. There is a catalog of charts at this site


    If you click on the number of the isotope you get charts of the spectrum of that isotope. For example, a fairly simple chart is produced by Cobalt 57. If you had a sample that produced those very strong peaks at 122, 136 and 692 that would be a pretty good indication of the presence of Cobalt. You would look more carefully to see if the lesser peaks were also present, and if they were, you would conclude that your rocks contained some Cobalt.
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