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    model of plutonium, a bohr model

    i need to find a model of plutonium. a bohr model. i have to have it by tonight so i can draw it for my school project. can someone please help me. this is worth a lot of points and ive been sitting here forever and cannot find one. PLEASE HELP!
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    I looked up plutonium electron shells on google for you. Several of the results gave Shells, 2,8,18,32,24,8,2. That is there are 7 shells, I suppose represented by concentric circles in your diagram, and the number of electrons in each shell (from inside out) is 2, 8, 18, 32, 24, 8, and 2. Is that what you wanted? Draw that many dots on each circle, put a heavy dot in the middle and hand it in!
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    thank you so much!!!
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    hehehe 1 1/2 years later u helped me 2
    thanks a milliion!!!
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