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Please help w/broadband, newbie

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    ey, i just just started up wit sympatico high speed, ethernet. It's probably set for wednesday and ive been calling them a lot for information. All of my 3 calls except the last one never mentioned an ethernet card for the modem. It's a rental as included with tha monthly bill of our new net/phone connection. It is actually necessary that we get this ethernet card even tho they're sending us the modem? They've tried to hook me with a bunch of things but only now did they mention an ethernet card... Also, is my pentium III 876mhz 128 mb ram capable of high speed? please help, today's my last day on this name but soon ill be able to start up a new one but please tryta reply when u can. Peace n TY
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    sry, tha modem's a rental, tha chick at bell told me i haveta buy an ethernet card or i wont be able to get on tha net...
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    Some modems can be connected to your computer using usb.

    Ethernet cards can be had pretty cheaply, I think Staples still has a free one, after $20 of mail in rebates, available (this might not be a national deal of course).
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    I don't think the USB modems are compatible with street jive.
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    I wish I didn't have to "decode" Poodle's conversations. Is effective communication such a lost art?
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