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Homework Help: Please help with biology chemistry part

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    I'm trying to calculated the rate of reaction

    In this lab I took a 50 mL beaker and poured in 10 ml of cold distilled water into it, I then poured in 30 ml of original enzyme solution (I believed we used cold potato juice or something), I then took a piece of paper and placed it into a beaker of 40 Ml of 3.0% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, after waiting for 5 seconds i then took the 2.1 cm filter paper disc from the hydrogen peroxide and placed it onto a piece of paper, after draining for 10 seconds I then placed it into my solution of 10 mL of distilled of water and 30 mL of my enzyme solution at the bottom of the 50 mL beaker then removed the forceps i was using to hold the paper and timed the time it took for the paper to rise from the bottom of the 50 mL beaker to the surface and got .83 seconds, how do I calculate the rate of reaction

    by the way I know
    the formula is
    (1/q) ( (d[Q])/(dt) )

    I just don't know what to use for q and I'm guessing I use 3/4 for Q?
    2 hours ago - 4 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    My teacher told me that the rate of reaction = 1/t which I think is just bs because that would be the frequency of the paper as it rose...
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    I think I figuered out the biology part =) thanks
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    1/t is not bs.
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