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Please help with my 3 questions

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    i have 3 questions that i need help with

    Consider 180 g of neon gas. How much energy would it have to absorb to experience a temperature increase of 12 K?

    Construct a PV diagram for each of the following. (a) A gas begins with a volume of 14 L under pressure of 3 atm. The gas first undergoes an isobaric compression to a volume of 6 L. Next, the gas experiences an isothermal expansion back to a volume of 14 L. (b). A gas undergoes a cyclic process consisting of two isochoric processes and two isobaric processes.

    A particular engine having efficiency 27% operates at temperature 420C. What is its highest possible exhaust temperature?

    thanks ron
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    I will just help you with the first question.
    Consider this formula:

    [tex]Q = m.c.dT[/tex]

    m= 180 g
    c= ? -> you have to check on a table
    dT = 12 K

    Now, it's up to you. :biggrin:
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