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Please help with Rule in Mathematica

  1. Jan 16, 2012 #1
    Please help the idiot
    In[] = D[p[x,t],x,t]/.{Derivative[n_,m_][p_][q__]->a^(n+m)}
    Out[] = a2

    In[] = D[p[x,t],x,t]/.{Derivative[n__][p_][q__]->a^Plus[n]}
    Out[] = a

    WTF??? Why not a2????

    In the simplest case
    In[] = D[p[x,t],x,t]/.{Derivative[n__][p_][q__]->Plus[n]}
    Out []=Sequence[1, 1]

    In[] = D[p[x,t],x,t]/.{Derivative[n__][p_][q__]->Plus[n,1]}
    Out []= 3

    In[] = D[p[x,t],x,t]/.{Derivative[n__][p_][q__]->(Plus[n,1]-1)}
    Out []= Sequence[1, 1]
    What hell is going on????

    Thank you very much!
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    It's because you are using Rule instead of RuleDelayed.
    This means that the right-hand-side of the rule gets evaluated before you want it to.
    So Plus[n] gets turned into n before n gets replaced with anything. The rule then fires n gets replaced with Sequence[1,1] explaining your last line.

    Everything works as you want if you use
    Derivative[n__][p_][q__] :> a^Plus[n]
    instead of you original
    Derivative[n__][p_][q__] -> a^Plus[n]

    Another option would be
    Derivative[n_,m___][p_][q__] :> a^Plus[n,m]
    which would still work in the case of
    Derivative[n__][p_][q__] -> a^Plus[n]

    The place where the use of Rule instead of RuleDelayed becomes really problematic is if a term on the RHS already has a value. For example, compare the output of
    n = 5;
    D[p[x, t], x, t] /. {Derivative[n__][p_][q__] -> a^Plus[n]}
    n = 5;
    D[p[x, t], x, t] /. {Derivative[n__][p_][q__] :> a^Plus[n]}
    From version 6 and above, Mathematica has syntax highlighting, so you can tell whether a variable is defined, undefined or localized by its color (black, blue or green respectively).
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    Thank you VERY VERY MUCH! I have no words to tell how you helped me
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    Not a problem!
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