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Please help with simplfying a floor/ceiling function

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    note; This is NOT a homework assignment please help me because i need to know this properly for a test i have tomorrow

    Given is a question Floor[ Ceiling [x-1/2] - 7/5 ] and they ask to graph it.

    i'm fine with graphing it but simplfying this i what i'm a bit confused on

    my first step was Floor [ Ceiling [ x ] - 1/2 - 7/5 ] and theres a mistake in the way i removed the 1/2 why?

    please help
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    matt grime

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    because floor{x-y] does not equal floor[x] - y for a start? floor is not linear like that. replace the word lfoor there with ceiling.

    simplify it? ok, ceiling is an integer valued function, so if i take off 7/5 from an integer and then take the floor of that, that's the same as taking off the other 3/5 isn't it? so it simplifies to ceiling[x-1/2] - 2
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