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Please help with vectors and points

  1. Jan 30, 2006 #1
    Hi, I'm Xairylle and I need a little help with this. I think it's kind of basic electromagnetics stuff but I don't know how this goes given that all I've got is a problem nothing else. I am so sorry, I didn't see this room in the forum earlier so I made a post in the General Engineering section. Is that a bad thing? If so, I am sorry.

    1. Express each of the given points into its equivalent vector
    a) A(2,1,-5)
    b) A(1,4,6) B(5,-3,0)

    2. Find the lengths of the medians of the given triangles ABC
    a) A(2,1,3) B(3,-1,-2) C(0,2,-1)

    I need solutions and answers since I really can't understand. Please help if it's not too much trouble. Thank you.
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    Welcome xairylle to the physics forums!! :smile:
    You will see there are lots of folks willing to help you, but first you need to show what you have tried. (You may have noticed this thread) at the top of this page. It would be useful to read through that).
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