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Please help with vectors

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    [SOLVED] please help with vectors

    ok right now vectors and two dimensional kinematics are really confusing me i know most if not all of the equations however i dont understand what is suppose to be placed instead of Vo or Vy. can somebody please help.[?]
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    Chi Meson

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    I'm guessing that you mean "how to find Vx and Vy" when you are given Vo plus an angle?

    If you do not like trigonometry, here's a shortcut to remembering:
    first, make sure that the angle you have is the angle from the horizontal axis (the "x" axis, or the east-west axis). If you are given the angle from the vertical axis, subtract that angle from 90 to get the other.

    If you are using the angle "from the horizontal" then the x component (Vx) will always be the magnitude of the original vector (Vo) times the cosine of the angle.

    The vertical component (Vy) will be Vo times the sine of the angle.

    Note, this is a short-cut for those who don't "get" the trigonometry. Things go better if you do "get" the trig, so if this does not help you, we could take this further.
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    u can see it graphically

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