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Please helpppp with lab test on this THANKS

  1. Apr 9, 2010 #1
    A wooden block is dragged( at constant speed) across the desk top and the following data are collected:
    The Fa= 2.40N - the mass of the block is 0.600kg

    1.Calculate the coefficient of friction between the block and the desk

    2.A book is placed on the wooden block and the Fa required to pull it across the desk =7.8N
    Calculate the experimental mass of the book (remember to include he mass of the blcok in your calculation)

    Final mass of the book is 1.500kg

    Calculate your % error for this lab.
    % error= experiemental mass- actual mass / actual mass x 100%

    Do you think there may have been a difference between the ctual mass and your experiemntal mass?
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