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Please helps with Bernoulli's floating ball

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    I need help with a project on Bernoulli's floating ball. I wanted to prove with the use of Bernoulli's equation that the the velocity or pressure in one side of the equation (the low pressure area) is lower in pressure or higher in velocity.

    This is what I have so far:
    Using: P1 + 1/2pv1^2 = P2 + 1/2pv2^2 , where P1 is the High Pressure area (atmospheric pressure), p = density of the gas, v = velocity and where P2 is the Low Pressure area (the air from the pump that makes the ball float).

    I was able to obtain the variables for the High PRessure area:
    P1 = 101.3 KPa
    p = 1.29 kg/m^3
    v = 0 m/s

    However, I have a problem now for obtaining the variables in the Low Pressure area...
    P2 = ? (i could obtain this one instead of velocity..)
    p = 1.29 kg/m^3
    v = ? (i could obtain this one instead of Pressure)

    I dont know now how to obtain either Pressure or the velocity of the fluid that's in the low pressure area... please help.. thank you.
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    I have not understood nothing.
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