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Homework Help: Please i need help with Beam Deflection problem

  1. Apr 8, 2012 #1
    Can any one help me to find the answer,,, its a very difficult question!!!!

    Q- calculate the safe inclusive UDL for a 356x171 UB67 simply supported at the ends of span of 9m.
    The permissible bending stress is 167N/mm*2 and the defluction must not exceed (1/360) x span, and I = 187.2x10*6mm*4


    please i need any1 to explain to me..
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    Re: please i need help

    What does Q- mean?
    What does UDL mean?
    What are the units for 356x171?
    What does UB67 mean?

    Defluction? You mean Deflection?

    "please i need any1 to explain to me.." A bit more legwork on your part would go a long way toward getting others to help you.
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    Re: please i need help

    It's not difficult if you are allowed to use tables for the max deflection and max moment in a simple beam under a uniformly distributed load. Then you need to show some attempt to determine the UDL based on the controlling allowable stress or deflection.
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    Re: please i need help

    Q- is that it is the question.
    UDL is Uniformly Distributed Load
    356x171 are in mm (this is a standard beam size)
    UB67 is a British Universal Beam. (which if I am not mistaken describes that it is roughly 67 kg/m)

    You certainly have enough info here Ms. Alsofi. Where do you think you should start? (Also, will you need to take into accound the weight of the beam itself? If so, be sure to do that)
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