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Homework Help: Please I Need Help With Problem No 1 Anyone

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    http://mathpost.asu.edu/~shotwell/mat272/hw/pp.pdf [Broken]
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    Welcome to PF shg8505. The policy of these forums is that when you post a homework problem, you should also post some work you've already done, or at least an attempt -- no matter how stupid you may think it is or how far off you think you are :smile:

    We can always just solve the problem for you but
    a) It's your credit you want to earn, we (at least, the ones that would solve the problem) have probably already passed your course
    b) We wouldn't know if you would just copy the answer or you would really understand what you did, and when you don't give us an idea about the level you're on it's hard for us to explain it properly.

    If I read the problem, I'd say it's just plugging in the given information. So please be more specific.
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    number one is the only one i need help on. i dont even know where to start and i cant reach the prof until after thanksgiving
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    You need to write down an integral that covers the volume of the tetrahedron. Can you make an attempt to do so?
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