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Homework Help: PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME OUT (12th grade project)

  1. Feb 7, 2005 #1
    PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! (12th grade project)

    My physics group has been given an assignment to come up with some original experiment ideas :surprised . The experiment needs to be recording a 'sensible' variable. I came up with a great idea of building a resonance collumn, like a matchstick building and trying to see at which frequencies it becomes unstable.
    My teacher said it was a 2nd yr university project, really complicated,blah. :grumpy:
    Anyway, we have just 4 more days to come up with ideas of original, not textbook experiments and i was wondering whether anybody has any gr8 suggestions. I'm sort of in a panic :eek: now so PLEASE help out o:)
    Any help will be appreciated

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    calculate friction coeficients.
    place a objects of diffenet material and differnent weights on a plane and increase the angle untill the objects begin to slide. record the angle it took to overcome static friction. with that, and the weight you can calculate the static friction coeificent.
    just and idea
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    why not try testing bell's inequality? your teacher would most probably freak out.....
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