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Homework Help: Please read if you saw my thread I need help pasting together this new gravity

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    Please read if you saw my thread "I need help pasting together this new gravity..."

    I'm sorry for any and all the calamety I may have caused with my thread "I need help pasting together this new gravity theory ive been trying" in which I listed to diff. sets of theories. I only posted them for a physcology class on people reaction to any and all new ideas that may change certain ways of thinking and learning. But I would also like to say because of y'all I made an A on my physcology mid term project. So sorry and thankyou very much for helping me get an A.
    Mathew Tucker

    The theories I used are all incorrect due to several contridictions in the math behind them. I only used those because they were from a project to develope a theory, resonable or not, then prove or disprove it. And one last thing if any thing just seems to far fetch that you do not believe me it might be because I'm only a 15 year old freshman.
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    Huh. I thought it was a cool theory.
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    Thank y'all but like I said my physics teacher when I handed it into him thought it was very creative and possibly correct so we took it to a physics professor at a near by college and he found I think he said 5 major probles in the math and a bunch of small things.
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