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Please restore my post

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    please restore my post, I don't think I broke any forum rules, what ever happened to free speech
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    Free speech is the concept that the government will not imprison or fine you for anything you say. You have not been imprisoned or fined for your posts, so the concept of free speech has not been violated.

    On the other hand, if you go to somebody his house and start insulting him (for example), then that person has every right to put you out of his house. He can ask you to leave any time. This does not violate your free speech since the government does not take any repressive action.

    Another example, if you insult your girlfriend, then she has every right to break up with you. This again does not violate your right on free speech. So as you see, the right on free speech protects you from the government, but not from the consequences of whatever you say. The consequences can be getting your posts deleted or getting various people to hate you.

    As for your specific post on this forum that has been deleted. We wish not to have a discussion on "hot female scientists". It goes against the spirit of this forum.
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    well, I supposed I pissed off a few people but I had no intention whatsoever to piss off anyone, I just wanted to have some fun. saying "hot female sicentists" goes against the ehem "spirit" of this forum makes me wonder if this forum is really run bye scientists.
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    What is the connection between "not wishing to discuss hot female scientists" and "the forum is not run by scientists"? Do you claim that every scientist likes to discuss "hot female scientists"?
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    I think I'm not updated about your post. What was your free speech about?
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    I forget now
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    OK, so then how exactly did you come to the conclusion that this forum is not run by scientists?
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    Topic title " ;)"

    And the OP was this, as I remember:

    "Let's play a game on hot female scientists mmmmm :smile:"
    I don't remember well, but it was like that. :yuck:
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    This forum isn't intended to be perverted, I'm afraid. Not even in the Fun and Games section.

    As for "free speech", if you actually knew anything about the Constitution, you'd know that "free speech" refers to a prohibition of government restriction of speech, and it's unfortunate, but we're not the government.

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    Being disrespectful to fellow scientists doesn't make one a scientist.
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    Are you sure you weren't looking for 4chan or tumblr and accidentally ended up at physics forums?
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    To the OP: like someone has already stated, the concept of free speech is at a public environment. While I don't agree with everything at physicsforums.com, the servers and website is a private domain. This website doesn't charge you for anything and provides a domain for learning and civil discussions within the context of a certain set of rules.
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    I think you've gotten a proper explanation. Closing this thread now. Thanks!
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