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Homework Help: Please review my solutionn

  1. Jan 7, 2017 #1
    Heres the question:
    A plane leaves the airport in
    Galisteo and flies 170 km at 68 degree east of north and then changes
    direction to fly 230 km at 48 degree south of east, after which it makes
    an immediate emergency landing in a pasture. When the airport
    sends out a rescue crew, in which direction and how far should this
    crew fly to go directly to this plane?
    I have solved it by using component method but another friend uses
    Rx = Ax + Bx = 170 km)sin 68° + (230 km)cos48°-----(1)
    Ry = Ay + By = (170 km)cos68° − (230 km)sin 48°-----(2)
    Can you please tell me how he uses the above equations because I solved using A=170cos(22)+170 sin(22)
    B=255cos(312)+255 cos(312) and then form the R vector but how is he able to form equation (1)and (2)?I am not able to understand it.Thanks for your guidance
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