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Homework Help: Please solve

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    The question is:
    Ice at 0 degree C turns into Water at 0 degree C and thus gains 1 Kg of mass. What is the original mass of ice?
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    Use E_w-E_i=(m_w-m_i)c^2=m_i*L, where L is the specific latent heat.
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    What has this to do with nuclear and particle physics?
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    Let's just say that if you don't help sanphy, he'll go nuclear and physically smash you to particles.
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    Well this is indeed not a nuclear or particle physics question and is a mass-energy question.
    I tried to solve but the mass comes out as 2.67 * 10^11 kg.
    I think this could be correct.:approve::biggrin:
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    thanks clem
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