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Please stop by tell me about teeth !

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    Okay, please tell if you experienced, why you were/are in pain when you have decayed teeth ?How painful is/was that ? Thank you
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    I don't know what you are asking. How painful are decayed teeth? Not very in my experience, my teeth hurt more now that I have them filled by crappy dentists than they did when they were decayed (I had 0 pain when they were just decayed and not filled).

    One of my teeth has a root canal, that one hurt off & on before I had the root canal done. Aside from that dental pain is pretty mild for me.
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    When I have decayed teeth, they don't hurt becuase I get them filled right away. I have 2 root canals so those teeth dont feel anything
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    I dunn have any decayed teeth so far. :approve:
    Its always safe to have multi then just mono decayed teeth, you should make all be decayed at same level, so none of them will hurt alone, all will do da same and hurt+hurt=zero. :approve:
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