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Please tell me I'm paranoid

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    So, last weekend I woke up with this bump behind my ear. Its something that wasn't there the day before and literally just sort of appeared overnight. I figured it was just a deep skin pimple or something and I should just let it surface and pop it or wait for it to go away. However, it hasn't surface and it doesn't hurt anymore like it originally did so I'm starting to think it may not be a pimple at all.

    I live on the ground floor of an apartment complex and since the weathers been getting warmer I've been getting a lot of bug traffic. The fact that I have bushes right outside both my windows doesn't really help matters. After seeing Evo's videos of mind controlling wasp larva, I got to thinking that what if its not a zit? What if some bug dug a hole behind my ear and laid some eggs that will hatch into mind controlling larva? Do bugs like this exist in Michigan? Is there anyway way to figure out what it is before I lose my mind? I posted some pics of it below, they're not really great since its rather difficult to take pictures from behind your head. The scab is from when I jabbed the bump with a hobby knife assuming it was a zit I could just pop. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Any suggestions, advice, or comments on how crazy I am are welcome.



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    Thanks for the link but theres nothing in there about bugs that implant there eggs near your brain. :confused:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It is probably nothing to worry about, probably a boil or carbuncle, but you should go see a doctor.
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    I wasn't serious.

    I get lots of these [edit: not lots but one or two.. pretty similar to the one in the OP pictures] when I don't clean my room for a long time or maintain proper hygiene (they go away as soon as I clean my room). There's nothing like brain controlling wasps. I couldn't find reliable information about those wasps.
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    Stop worrying, it's probably just cancer.

    Seriously though, just go get it checked out.
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    I'm sure its the brain controlling wasps that force you into cleaning your room.
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    Agreed, make an appointment to see your doctor.

    Oh, and if something like this happens again, don't try and pop it with a knife! You could get all kinds of infections doing that.
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    Having recently been in puberty I would not worry about that.
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    Obviously not wasps. From the location we can deduce it's an earwig nest.
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    Probably not any sort of burrowing, mind-controlling wasps, but since it is hanging around a week later and not improving and not coming to a head, it would be a good idea to have a doctor take a look at it, especially if you still have it after this coming weekend (unless it suddenly gets a lot worse, it doesn't look like anything bad enough to make an emergency visit to a doctor over the holiday weekend).
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    Crap. I didn't realize it was a holiday weekend.
    Traffic is going to seriously suck. Maybe I can have food delivered. But then it might take over an hour. :-/

    At any rate, a doctor is good. I can't really afford one. I had a spider bite (pretty sure that's what it was) on my arm that would not go away. It just kept getting bigger and bigger, probably from inflamation due to brushing against and bumping into things. Eventually it broke and now I have a small hole in my arm where it used to be because of all of the puss that had built up inside it.
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    After looking at those pictures the first thing on your mind is... food?

    Topher, you're paranoid. Let a doctor take a look. When your done showing all your friends you can mail it to SA. Just make sure it is there in half an hour or less or it's free.
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    I don't know what those things are, but I've had one before in the exact same place. I ignored it and it went away. It's not bug larvae just some skin condition.
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    Comments like this aren't helping the situation. :eek:

    I don't really want to go see a doctor because the last 4 times I went to one they either said "I don't know whats wrong with you, but I can give you medication for it" or "That looks like it hurts, I can't do anything for you but I can give you some medication if you want", then they send me a huge bill for doing absolutely nothing.

    I think the bump is starting to get smaller anyway. I've been putting some ointment on it also and since it doesn't hurt anymore I'm guessing its in the healing process. I'll leave it alone until after the weekend and report back.
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    I wouldn't joke if I thought it was serious.

    Your best bet for this thing is a dermatologist. Also: probably time to start researching medical insurance for yourself. It sucks, but you get better treatment when the doctor knows for sure they'll be paid, as opposed to taking the risk they won't.
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    In the last picture there appears to be a small head of a pimple, the overall size of the bump seems too large for even an inflamed sore, I think you should err on the side of caution and see a Dr.
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    Since you've been jabbing at it with a knife, get some topical antibiotic ointment to put on it (like Neosporin or any of the many generic equivalents) over the weekend.
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    Which way is up in this picture?
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    My daughter had a similar bump to appear last summer; same place. I took her to a doctor and it said that there is a subtle lymphnode located there and a bug bit somewhere on the scalp could cause it to swell.
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