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PLEASE! This is an emergency

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    PLEASE! This is an emergency!!

    My biology science fair is due in four days, and I have a HUGE problem.:cry: I was suppose to get pills or liquids that contain hCG, then add different substances to it to see if the pregnancy test would still read positive, but when I went to the pharmacy today to get them, I found out they are for prescription only:eek: .. does anyone know anything that contains hCG that I could get without prescription?!?!?!


    id really appreciate it!
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    I'm afraid it's prescription only. It would be dangerous for you to be using hCG in your experiment without handling it very carefully too, because it is a hormone with a fairly high potency.

    Why did you wait until the week the project is due to start the project?

    Is there any other part of it that you have already done? Maybe there's something that can be salvaged.
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    Ummm, yes. Pregnant women's urine.

    Hope that helps. Check with your school before you bring in a urine sample.
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    Permission would be needed in advance, and appropriate forms for using human subjects to obtain "biohazardous" material would be required, or else the project would be disqualified anyway. Those poor kids need to have nearly as much regulatory paperwork filled out as professional scientists when they enter a science fair nowadays!
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