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Homework Help: Plese help me

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    1. Suppose a freely orienting chain with 1000 segments each of length 7 AO is subjected to a force on its ends of 10-5 N. What will be the average separation of the chain ends?
    2. How large a force is needed to elongate the following piece of polymer to a length of 2.54 cm?
    Original length = 10 cm.
    Area of cross section = 0.1 cm2
    Mn = 30,000, Mc = 6000
    Density = 0.90 gm/cc
    3. Consider a polymer for which the potential energy resulting from attractive forces between the chains decreases markedly as the chains are oriented. What can one say about the effect of these forces upon the equilibrium stress-strain curve for that polymer rubber?
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