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Plexiglass forming and shaping

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    Is there anybody familiar with the property's of plexiglass with a narrow piece and a double radius ( vertical and horizontal)at the same location with two different dimensioned (vertical 6 inch. horizontal 14 inch.) radius's ∏ Please advise Steve/ primitive drawing attached in hast

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    You might be able to drape-form it:
    • construct your drape form
    • cut your polycarbonate to correct flat size
    • heat up the flat piece to make soft & pliable....230F or so if I remember correctly
    • move flat heated piece from oven to drape form and let gravity do its thing

    If gravity doesn't do its thing, then you could provide a vacuum assist to help pull the heated piece to match the form geometry.
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    ° Polycarbonate ??/ The material is probably going to be 1/2 inch thick ??/ Some one some where said if you paint your form black it will also help in the shape shifting if you will??/ Polycarbonate you can't paint it can you ??/
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    Yes, "polycarbonate" == "Plexiglas". Are you actually thinking about and referring to "acrylic" material?

    You never said anything about 1/2" thick material, your sketch doesn't show this. Stock 1/2" thick will be difficult to form. I would guess it would need to be pressed into a form mold.

    Painting...not sure. I suppose you could find a suitable primer, then paint over it.
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    Plixglass forming

    Sorry typo??/ Late entree 1/4" material looking for something with a tint and I keep thinking about distortion after the first bend and the let off (cooling off reflex's) what's the second bend going to do the first when attempting to reheat for the second bend, dose this stuff (material)want to replicate its original shape on temperature cooling ??/ I'm starting to think the the exact shape is going to have to be a negative mold with a Vacuum in vacuum process at temperature variance and then whats the release shape (re-lacks at ambient Temperature) going to look like at what rate of cooling ??/ is it going to have to be rapidly cooled ??/ Its starting to sound to expensive to litigate the cost??/ and still have several attempts before perfection ??/
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