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Plot 2d trajectory

  1. May 19, 2010 #1
    I'm trying to plot out the trajectory of an object in a program that is looping through the function and spitting out the x and y coordinates, but I'm having trouble. I want to see a parabola starting at 0,0 going up and ending again at x,0.

    Basic question:

    (units aren't critical here f/s m/s anything as long as they're all the same)
    initial velocity in x = 50
    initial velocity in y = 100

    x coordinate:
    x = v * t
    x = 50 * 1
    x1 = 50

    y coordinate:
    y = v + .5gt^2
    y = 100 + -4.9
    y1 = 95.1

    I'm missing something here. How do I get the points along the path of the trajectory starting at 0,0 instead of starting at 0, 95.1 as the first coordinate?

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    You mean y = 100*t -4.9*t2

    You get point y1 when you set t =1 in the above equation. You get the earlier point y0 when you set t = 0 in the above equation.
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