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Plot diff plot from a periodic function

  1. Feb 25, 2012 #1
    Hi everyone!
    I've written a M-file to draw a sawtooth periodic function as below:

    function y = sawtooth_w(x)
    % We find the period number of every element
    % in the input vector
    p = 1;
    %k = 4;
    tn = ceil((x+p)/(2*p));

    % and we subtract that corresponding period from
    % the base value. We want final values from -1 to 1
    y = ((x - tn*2*p) + 2*p)/p*4;

    clear, clc, close all

    x = -6 : .01 : 6;
    y = sawtooth_w(x);

    axis([0 6 -5 5])
    ylabel('\bf{Magnetic flow(Web)}')

    now, I want to draw derivative of this function which consists of impulse signals.
    i tried to use diff(y,x) to extract the derivative but it didn't work

    does anybody has any solution???
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