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Plot lines in 3d as cylinders

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    How can i do that? Can anyone of you help me?


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    You're posting in the Software section, so I assume you want to do it using a computer program, but you didn't tell us which one.

    Also, how do you mean: plotting lines as cylinders? You mean you want to draw a cylinder of radius r along a line?
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    Sry. The data-file contains start and end-point of the cylinders (lines). I want to create a huge number of cylinders with external data.
    How can I do that?
    I dont know how to format the external data and how I have to do the command in mathematica.
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    I tired to do with
    list = Partition[Import["Sites/IWS/testFile.txt", "Table"], 2]
    • ]

      but in that way I am not able to change the cylinder-radius. How can I add this parameter in my list?
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    From the help,
    Code (Text):
    Cylinder[{{Subscript[x, 1],Subscript[y, 1],Subscript[z, \
    1]},{Subscript[x, 2],Subscript[y, 2],Subscript[z, 2]}},r]
    represents a cylinder of radius r around the line from (Subscript[x, \
    1],Subscript[y, 1],Subscript[z, 1]) to (Subscript[x, 2],Subscript[y, \
    2],Subscript[z, 2]).
    So you could simply use that command.

    How you would convert to that from your raw data depends on the version of Mathematica (I suspect you are using 6.0+) and the precise format of the text file.
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