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Plot vectors 2D! With Matlab!

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    Hi... I have four vectors that I need together in one plot and also they should start at (2,2)

    Vector A is a=[5 0]
    B is b=[0 2]
    I obtained unit vector and I need something similar to http://www.scribd.com/doc/13353344/Fundamentals-of-Electromagnetics [Broken] at page nine

    I know the following commands

    plot( [pi(1),pi(1)+v(1)] , [pi(2),pi(2)+v(2)])

    It works but not with four vectors. What should I do?

    I'm not pretending you to do my homework so that I'm asking for the plot
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    First a comment on Matlab style: It's generally a poor idea to reassign built-in Matlab function or variable names such as you did in the first line. In Matlab, pi is preassigned the value 3.14159...

    On to your question: use the command quiver to plot vectors. The arguments are passed in the form of matrices specifying the x and y starting points and the u and v vector components. For your two vectors a and b:

    x = meshgrid([2,2]);
    y = meshgrid([2,2]);
    u = meshgrid([5,0]);
    v = meshgrid([0,2]);

    Add columns to plot more vectors, e.g., u = meshgrid([5,0,14,22,...])
    Matlab renders the arrow a little shorter than you expect, for visual clarity, but you can rescale if desired. REad the help page for quiver.
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