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Plotting 3d graphs

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    Is there any good software which plots 3d graphs and vectors. I just want to plot linear 3d graphs and vectors in 3d. I don't mind paying for this but it should be reliable and easy to use.
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    On MACs, there should be a decent one in Applications -> Utilities -> Grapher.
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    Sorry but I don't have a Mac
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    Depending on how much you mind paying. Mathematica is top of the line but has a hefty price tag, and can be a bit cumbersome. If you want something that is free, a little more user friendly, but much less "elegant." Winplot is good.

    On a side note, many college campuses have Mathematica in certain labs, that's where I use it And if you do decide to go with mathematica and need some help operating it, let me know, and I can send you some useful demos.

    Hope this helps.
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    I don't know if it can do vectors, but Microsoft mathematics is free now. It can do equations, inequalities, parametrics, and tables.
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    Also Maxima... It uses various GNU plotting software.
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