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Plotting 3D Vertical Planes

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    I'm trying to plot something like x+y=2 in 3D. The image should look like this:


    Been trying to do it in Mathematica using Plot3D, but the it treats the input as a function of z.

    Another example: Plot3D[x=4,{x,0,10},{y,0,10},AxesLabel{x,y,z}] plots z=4, not x=4.

    A similar thread, with no conclusive answer: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=101840
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    Hey SwaGGeReR and welcome to the forums.

    Have you looked at the documentation?

    Also what do the arguments mean for the function? What does {x,0,10} refer to? Are they just bounds for the variables?

    The other thing is what is the default coordinate system for Mathematica? Is it RHS? LHS? Does the z-axis point up? (In many math programs it does and in many maths courses they treat z as pointed up and not in or out of the page).
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    I'm not familiar with Mathematica but maybe it is like Maple. Can you plot surfaces as parametric plots? If so, you could use the parameterization:

    x = x
    y = 2 - x
    z = z
    ##\vec R(x,z) =\langle x, 2-x,z\rangle## and plot it using whatever syntax Mathematica requires.
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