Plotting a model in matlab

  1. HI,

    i have a set of data that i want to plot with matlab, using an equation.
    i have all x data points and want to generate y values for each x data point.

    function y =marko(x)

    y= (4.11/1.98)*{(1/4*((1-x/L).^2))-(1/4)-(x/L)};

    x=(218+data points)

    from the command window i have called:


    i keep getting an error in marco (line4)

    can someone help me figure out what i am doing wrong here.
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    Can you post your complete code?

    I'm unsure what your L is.

    You might also have better luck posting this sort of thing in the homework help, or in the general computer science locations in the future.
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