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Homework Help: Plotting Data in Mathematica

  1. Jun 23, 2009 #1
    I am importing data as a .dat file into Mathematica and making a list plot. I need to know: a)How to sort the words out of my data? I used to use AllNumeric but that went away with version 6
    b)How to switch the axis on my graph? My data is coming in as a pair sequence {1#`,2#`} but I need it to be {2#`,1#`} Or I need to know how to rotate my plotting sequence so it will flip.

    This is the code I am using

    b=Drop[data,5]; %This just removes the header from my data file
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    Try this:
    Code (Text):
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    Does you know how to sort words out of data? I have lists of data combined into one sheet and need to remove the column headings out of the data before it is plotted.
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    Can you post an example in more detail?
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    It has two columns of that are combined lists of test data. Every so often there will be titles and headings inserted into the two columns and I need to delete these in order to use the ListPlot command.

    Unfortunately I cannot upload it in a large section so there is just the start of it attached.

    Thank you for all of your help

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