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MATLAB Plotting graph 3D minimization

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    Hi to everyone,

    I'm trying to plot a 3D graph on matlab but I do not know how.
    The function that I want to plot is: y=fminbnd(@(x) wei(x,shape,scale,tw,tf),x0,x1).
    I would like to plot the minimization of the function wei (y) in function of the shape and the scale.
    Wei is a function that I have created and only has one output.
    Tw and tf are known parameters, and x0, x1 the range where I want to optimize the function, as well known.

    To sum up, I want to plot y, shape and scale in the same graph.

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    How is this a 3D graph? You have y as a function of a single variable, x. That makes it a 1-D relationship which can be plotted with a regular function like plot(). Now, I've never used fminbnd() nor wei(). When you run this, is y a 3D array, with 3 indexes instead of only 1? What does

    whos y

    report to the command window? Is y a 1-D vector, or a 3-D array?
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