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Plotting graphs help

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    So I have a lot of physics labs to write up, and when drawing graphs (using experimental data) I have a tough time

    1)Determining the best scale so my graph is as big as possible.
    2)Determining the best scale so intercepts(y) appear on my graph.

    Also, I would like help on "breaking the axis". For example when the plotted points "clump" together on the graph because there were a lot of close data on a particular axis. I never seem to do it right because my intercepts always end up being wrong.:confused:
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    there are lots of plotting software..you have to get use to it then you can do what every you like..
    I use the free ones like xmgrace, gnuplot (this is really a allrounder wonderful software that can also be used for fits in user defined functions).
    Long back i used origin (not free i guess)..is also a good one.
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    I like to scale the plot to match the range of the instrument. So if you have a pressure instrument that reads 1500 to 2500 psi, use that for the scale on the plot. In my mind, this helps to put the 'noise' in the signal in perspective.

    I'm not sure what you mean by breaking the axis
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