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Plotting in 3D ( 4D actually)

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    I have a temperature distribution T = T(x,y,z). I want to visualise it in MATLAB ( such that the colour(s) used by MATLAB in plotting should give me an idea of depth of temperature i.e whether its high or low compared to its neighbouring points).

    Please help
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    A plot of the graph of w = T(x, y, z) requires four dimensions, as you recognize in your title. You might be able to reduce the dimensions required if the temperature decreases radially, so that w = T(r). IOW, if the temperature at any two points the same distance from the origin is the same, you don't need all three coordinates of the point - just one distance.
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    well actually it isnt..I need all the three cartesian coordinates( a must) and i want to visualise it in 3D where colors will depict the value of temperature at corresponding points. So basically i will form a n*n*n array in MATLAB to define T= T(x,y,z)
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