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Plotting in Mathematica

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    I have imported a list of data of this kind
    and it goes on, 2000-ish numbers. I try to do a ParetoPlot and all I get is an empty plot. I have loaded the Statistic Plot Package. Is it because of my data? And, how can I display a frequency plot for intervals of numbers (example, if I have 1.1 and 1.2 they're considered in the 1.0 - 2.0 category) in Mathematica? Thank you.
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    First: Suppose you have your imported data in myList.
    Post the output of Short[myList] so we can tell if the data has been mangled.

    Next: From the ParetoPlot documentation:
    "In the most basic form, ParetoPlot takes a list of data that is assumed to consist of discrete categories. It determines the frequency of each category in the list, converts the frequencies to percentages, and creates the plot."

    Since it appears you have 4 digit Real numbers I'm assuming Pareto is considering every unique 4 digit Real as a separate category and the plot might have 2000 categories, each with a single number, maybe one or a few that happened to have a duplicate. But this assumes you have not given ParetoPlot any category information.

    Post your ParetoPlot[...] so it is possible to tell what you have done.

    Next: When some function doesn't work with a bunch of data it is often helpful to try a simple test case. Try the example from the Help page ParetoPlot[{a,b,c,d,d,d,e,d,e,e,f,a,b,c}] and see if you get the same result as the Help page.

    Last: Histogram might be more what you are looking for unless you want to give ParetoPlot the needed options to adjust what it does.
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