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Plotting in matlab

  1. Sep 13, 2007 #1
    I am trying to write a function that will update a plot "on the fly". For instance, in the test function:
    function colorplot
    x = ones(100,100);
    for i = 1:100
    for j = 1:100
    image(x); colormap(gray)
    MATLAB will run the entire function before displaying the image in the matrix x. I want to get MATLAB to update the plot as soon as it changes a single pixel (or more generally, whenever I tell it to!). Does anyone know how to do this? The only way I have been able to close to getting this to happen is to use the "figure" command right before "image", but this just generates 100*100 images when I only want 1.

    UPDATE: I found a function drawnow which performs what I want the plot to do, but it is extremely slow. drawnow redraws the whole plot but I am only updating a few pixels. Any ideas?
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