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Plotting in Matlab

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    Hi there,
    I have a simple function and I want to plot it in matlab but i get an error.
    Maybe someone can help. The function is of the type 1/(X^3 + X^2 +1)
    I can plot a polynomial but I have no idea about the function above.
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    Your function is UNDEFINED (Illegal) at X=(-1.4656) because the denominator becomes 0 at this point which involves division by zero. If your graph includes this X value, that's probably the problem.

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    You could do the following:

    1. Decide on your range xmax, xmin
    2. Decide on the number of points you want to plot (say N=1,000)
    3. Declare an Axis vector with the axis points and a Y = zeros(1,N) vector to receive the results of the calculation
    4. Use a loop to perform the calc y = ...... from xmin to xmax in steps (xmax - xmin)/N and populate the Y vector. Include a check which says if the calc gives an error, put zero in that cell.
    5. Plot Y vs Axis.

    Others with more Matlab experience may have a much better solution but let me know if you want me to knock together some useable code.
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