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Plotting into a GUI in Matlab

  1. Jun 25, 2009 #1
    Hello all,
    I've programmed a GUI to read and plot data from oscilloscope. I have a timer function that updates the graph at 1 Hz frequency.
    What I want to is to add two vertical lines to the same figure that mark the beginning and end times of CCE measurement. For that purpose, I'm using the vline -function from Mathworks file central. The code that I've tried to plot those lines with looks like this:

    Code (Text):
    if(isappdata(0,'ccestart') && isappdata(0,'cceend'))
        vline(getappdata(0,'ccestart'),'--k','CCE Start');vline(getappdata(0,'cceend'),'--k','CCE End');
    Basically it just checks that if there exists values for CCE Start and CCE End, which it then uses as the x coordinates.
    The problem is that for about the first five executions of the timer function, it does plot them in the correct figure. But after that, Matlab decides to open a new figure for me. I get no error message, or any reason for that. This is very annoying, and I'd love to know how to fix this bug. Or if it is fixable at all.
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