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Plotting normal modes in Matlab from data in Patran

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    Could You help me with problem mentioned in the topic? I copied translational data (3 column vectors) from modal analysis in Patran (from f06 file). Now I have problem in reproducing the results in Matlab. I am trying to draw normal modes in Matlab, but I haven't got much luck so far.

    I would appreciate if you could help me and/or give me some ideas concerning this problem.

    All best regards,

    As far I accomplished something like that

    I created mesh in Matlab with the same xy dimensions as the analyzed object in Abaqus and copied amplitudes vector , then reshaped it to size compatible with mesh. But the results... don't look good

    Another update. Link to data I used http://pastebin.com/mLCHKn6R [Broken] (second column - don't know what to do with rest).
    Code I used in Matlab:
    (s is data imported from aforementioned .txt file)

    x= 0:10:120;y=0:10:100;[X,Y]=meshgrid(x,y);

    Result obtained after cubic interpolation: 18908244-holder-477a2ab437815134c021346d22ad9d5c.jpg

    Although the plot looks way better than before, the shape is complety different.
    Could You help me find out what I am doing wrong?
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