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plotting phase and magnitude - urgent


Using the fourier transform integrals i find the fourier transform of a function to be

x(w) = j (5To/2) { sinc [5To/2 (W+Wo)] - sinc[5To/2 (W-Wo)] }

Can someone pls tell me how to find the phase and the magnitude from this equation and how to plot them both. I am stuck here and dont know how to proceed.

The other 2 functions for which I need to do th above are
x(w) = 4sin^2 ((pi/4)*W) / W

x(t) = A/pi + A/2 sin(Wot) - 2A/3pi Cos(2WoT) - 2A/15pi cos(4Wot).......

thanks a lot


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For a mathematical definition of phase, see
The amplitude is the coefficient in front of the sine or cosine functions.
If you mean the period, then it is the value ##p## obtained by ##\sin(t+p)=\sin(t)## for all ##t##.

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