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A Plotting the CS power spectrum

  1. Feb 17, 2016 #1
    I'm having difficulty plotting the kernel [itex]I(k_{1},k)[/itex] of the cosmic shear power spectrum which is defined as
    I(k_{1},k) = k_{1}\int^{\infty}_{0}r j_{l}(k_{1}r)dr \int^{r}_{0}\frac{r-r'}{r'}j_{l}(kr')\sqrt{P^{\Phi\Phi}(k)}dr'

    where the jl are spherical bessel functions.
    I'v tried plotting I vs. k1 using python's sympy and scipy, but with no luck. My laptop is incredibly slow and i'm not thrilled by the results. It doesn't help that I can't see what this curve should look like. All assistance appreciated. If you know any helpful resources that would also be great.
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    OP, how do you hope to plot a double integral without solving it ? Maybe you are assuming we all know what you are doing.

    gnuplot is quite flexible and powerful plotting tool but it needs a fn to plot it cannot plot an integral.
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    I'v now plotted it numerically but it takes such a long time on my laptop and I still need to increase the number of data points. Are there any techniques to speed up this kind of numerical integration task?
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    OK , so what you have is a problem with numerical integration , not a plotting problem. That makes more sense.

    If you rely on libraries ( I assume it's scipy providing the generic integration method ) you have to take what you get or dig the doc for information about options.

    If you need something more specific, I suspect you are going to have to do some work. Sorry.
  7. Mar 2, 2016 #6
    I should also point out the python is an interpreted language and is probably not the best solution for doing this kind of intensive calculation. You could look for a C or Fortran library or other compiled language which would certainly reduce run times considerably.

    Numerical integration is a standard problem. I'm sure many solutions are available now you realise that it is not a plotting problem.

    Good luck.
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